P2 Life Adaptogens


  • EnduroBoost is a combination of three Adaptogenic herbs, specifically formulated for athletes to promote physical performance, increase mental and physical stamina, reduce recovery times, and fight stress. This unique product helps your body adapt and deal with both mental and physical stress and fatigue, and will help you push yourself further for longer, safely.
    Everybody deals with stress differently, the EnduroBoost, fondly referred to as the “anti-stress vitamin”, is designed to help athletes adapt to the stressful demands of their sport. EnduroBoost Adaptogens help promote more controlled breathing, reduce recovery times, stiffness and cramping, and help athletes maintain focus and concentration for longer. Every batch is tested to be free of banned and illegal substances by the accredited third-party Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG).
    An adaptogen is a substance that prepares and defends the body against different forms of physical, psychological, chemical or biological stress. It makes the body more adaptable so that the body and brain can react more easily and rapidly to stress in a constructive way. They increase the human body´s natural resistance to physical and emotional stress, fatigue, depression and organic illness and also increase concentration, coordination, and endurance.
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