DMC Fins Elite Max


  • ELITE MAX – are designed to give your swim stroke, leg strength and kick action the best chance at developing potential.
    • Packaged in a cool reusable nylon clip on bag.
    • Size range from 2XS to XL
    • Fresh or Salt water compatible
    • Asymmetric design stabilises ankle roll, increases speed and decreases fatigue

    The technology:

    • Designed with DMC’s Patented Reverse V Rail (RVR) technology.
    • RVR is geared to offer correct torque for each kick stroke, creating balance for the user unlike any other swim fins.
    • The RVR streamlines vortexes more efficiently than any other design.
    • Foot Touch ID: in foggy conditions, touch inside of ankle strap to find correct foot with gentle touch.
    • Features triple function drain chute: allows extra room for elongated toes 1 and 2, flushes out grit, and reduces vacuum on breakouts and flip turns.
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